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wolverhampton disabled sport
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Join the Club!

Joining W.A.D.S. is easy.

We have no restriction on the age of members but must point out those members under the age of 18 years wishing to shoot crossbow must be accompanied by some one over 21 years (Government Crossbow Act 1987).

wolverhampton disabled sport
wolverhampton wheelchair archery The Club meets every Wednesday at New Park School, Cromer Gardens, Wolverhampton. WV6 0UA.

Our main facility is indoors but we are hoping to have use of some outdoor facilities this Summer. Click here for details of the venue.

Annual subscriptions are 6 per year which covers insurance (Council & Disability Sport England) and then it is just 1.50 per visit towards the hire of the Sports Hall (fee reviewed annually).

At W.A.D.S. every one is seen as equal. Ones abilities not disabilities are what matter.
wolverhampton disabled crossbow
wolverhampton association disabled sport If you are interested in coming along one night to meet us click here for our contact details.