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Visually Impaired Section

We are very fortunate indeed that we have been able to set up a disabled sport crossbow section for visually impaired shooters.

These pictures show a blind shooter using an electronic sight.
wolverhampton visually impaired sport
sport for the visually impaired This will enable blind and partially sighted disabled sport men and women to compete in tournaments with other members of the club.

The electronic sight picks up the brightness from the lightest colour on the target, in our case the colour is yellow.
This is then turned into sound which is passed to the shooter by means of head phones.

When the sound is constant in both ears the shooter knows that he/she is on target and can pull the trigger .With practice, blind shooters can match and in some cases better scores shot by sighted shooters.
visually impaired crossbow
wolverhampton association disabled sport All this has been made possible for disabled sport with help from the following:

MILLENNIUM FESTIVAL AWARDS FOR ALL (Grant to purchase bows & electronic sights)

BARNETT INTERNATIONAL (Gift of 2 bows and others at a reduced cost)

JESSOPS (Storage cases for the electronic sights and tripods, all at (reduced cost)